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Sunday, 25 June 2017
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Using its relentlessly pragmatic partnering approach with customers, Anantara specializes in providing solutions to the following verticals:

  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Convergence

Anantara's approach is predicated on the following:

  • Consultant + Practitioner Approach: Anantara solves its customer's business problems by bringing in the expertise, tools and techniques of a world-class consulting organization along with the on-ground experience of seasoned industry practitioners. Our consultants are drawn from the real world; most of them have 10+ years of industry experience prior to joining Anantara
  • Focus on Business Value and Value-Based Pricing: We exist to add value to our customer's business. Many of our engagements are measured on stringent business parameters such as Cost Savings, Return on Investment (ROI), Revenue Generated, etc. We back this up by pegging a significant portion of our fee to the actual results accomplished
  • Depth and Breadth of the Anantara Ecosystem: Anantara has a network of carefully selected partner firms across the world, each of which is a specialist in a particular domain or technology. This allows Anantara to deploy deep expertise to solve the customer's problem in compliance with Ananatara's NextGen Sourcing methodology, without having the cost of maintaining a large team in each competency area

Anantara provides 2 classes of solutions:

    Business Solutions are custom solutions designed by working from a business or a technology problem. Business Solutions involve interventions in one or more of the following: Business Strategy, Business Processes, Information Technology and Performance Management.

    Strategic Solutions address a well-defined business problem with a solution set built on established alternatives.

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