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Sunday, 25 June 2017
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Anantara Ecosystem

The Anantara Ecosystem

Value-based pricing and Risk-Reward relationships

The Anantara Ecosystem is an important enabler of Anantara's solutions. Anantara's Business Partners - Delivery Partners and Technology Partners - make up the Anantara Ecosystem.

As Business Solutions become more and more complex, the overall quality of Business Solutions depends on two principal criteria:

  • The quality of components that make up the solution
  • Integration capabilities that bind these components into a cohesive Business Solution that solves one or more non-trivial business problems of the client

The focus and specialty of Anantara are the latter and it works seamlessly with its partners to ensure the production of high quality, cost competitive components. The Anantara Ecosystem is already 4000 people strong: first rate professionals making up specialist firms, each an expert in specific niches.

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