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Sunday, 25 June 2017
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Migrating from Data Management to Knowledge Management

Migrating from Data Management to Knowledge Management

Businesses worldwide are now facing the law of diminishing returns in data management. Some years ago, the mere possession of an ERP package, which streamlined data, or a data warehouse, which streamlined analysis, provided for competitive advantage. As corporation after corporation buys the same technologies and masters data management, real competitive advantage lies in managing knowledge. For example, the competitive advantage that ERP gives comes no longer from an out-of-the-box application deployment, but from how the company's business processes are differentiated from a competitor's. In all areas of business endeavor, managing knowledge and IP would provide the only source of enduring competitive advantage.

A very prominent marker of SGO is the migration from managing only data to managing knowledge along with data. There is abundant, unexploited scope in applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques, expert system technologies, Operations Research (OR) techniques to every area of business management.

Backed by Anantara's management team's experience of growing Asia's largest Knowledge Management practice, the company's trademarked Enterprise Planning Systems (EPS) and Enterprise Management Systems (EMS) methodologies successfully marry Business Process Management with intelligent computing architectures, thereby expanding the boundaries of both computing and Business Process Management.

Customer value

  • Superior performance of business processes empowered by expert quality decision-making knowledge
  • Measurable Returns on Investment (RoI) in Knowledge Management efforts
  • Vast improvements in the consistency and comprehensiveness of decision-making
  • Capitalization of "soft" knowledge assets in the form of tangible active knowledge bases
  • Extension of knowledge assets into new businesses

Migrating from Data Management to Knowledge Management

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