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Sunday, 25 June 2017
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About Competency

Open Source Technologies have given a fresh outlook to companies looking to implement information systems for their enterprise needs. They provide cost effective alternatives to hitherto expensive and inaccessible solutions. Besides being cost-effective, open source solutions provide a number of advantages to companies such as:

  • Availability of source code
  • Reducing dependency on any single product vendor
  • Vibrant communities who are ever improving the products for new features and functionalities
  • Easy access to support and help from varied forums, communities and wikis

Anantara's Open Source capabilities span across technologies such as PHP, Java, Microsoft etc. and cover ECM, CRM, ERP and many other Enterprise Applications.


  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), Java, Microsoft .NET, Google Web Toolkit

Service Offerings

  • Anantara offers end-to-end services in Open Source Technologies including Bespoke systems and applications development, Implementation of products, Customization, Configuration, Integration, Migration, Upgrades, Support and Maintenance, etc.
  • Anantara also has a wide range of enterprise solutions built using Open Source technologies, which can be implemented in a rapid deployment mode with minimum customization

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