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Sunday, 25 June 2017
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Ecosytem-enabled delivery

Value-based pricing and Risk-Reward relationships

Much as an automobile manufacturer trusts the quality of components and subsystems to a network of suppliers since it cannot excel in the production of all the components, so does Anantara trust the quality of many components of its solutions to its partners in the Anantara Ecosystem. Instead of one firm trying to excel at everything that goes into a Business Solution, the partner-enabled delivery model frees Anantara to focus on integration, program management and business value delivery while partners focus on achieving excellence in their chosen areas of speciality.

Customer value

  • Significantly enhanced business value to customer arising from superior solutions architecture
  • Lack of a particular competence within one service provider no longer affects the quality of the solution
  • Client organizations would mitigate the risk of concentration of their offshoring efforts in India and in a few large vertically integrated companies since Anantara would use a global sourcing strategy for services

Value-based pricing and Risk-Reward relationships

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