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Sunday, 25 June 2017
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Enterprise Testing Automation

  • Does extensive testing form an essential part of your operations?
  • Does your testing cycle result in a low speed-to-market due to its long duration?
  • Are all your regression testing of enterprise applications (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics) currently done manually?
  • Does your testing involve high costs as a result of a lot of manual effort?
  • Does your testing result in high costs of verification and validation due to human errors?

Anantara's Solution

Anantara's "Testing Automation" solution can help you with your issues. Through our extensive experience in providing enterprise testing automation solutions, we have put together a unique solution that addresses your needs to optimize your testing processes. The Testing Automation solution is a pre-built solution integrated with the existing enterprise solutions (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics). It is a readymade framework which is keyword based and is capable of accepting manual inputs for seven key parameters, combination of keywords through drag & drop results in test case creation (which can be done without programming knowledge ) and then executed.

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  • Consulting
    • Test Process Consulting to identify the right mix for automation
    • Test automation prioritization and tools selection done and a comparative analysis shared with client with results
    • Test automation strategy defined for the complete ecosystem with a clear roadmap for delivery
  • Implementation
    • Customize Test Automation Framework
    • Configure Test Automation Framework
    • Deploy Test Automation Framework
    • Develop configurable execution layer to allow adapting execution of tests based on configurations
    • Standardization of interfaces with external systems where inputs / outputs of testing are received / sent
    • Reporting and Business Intelligence
  • Rollout and Steady State
    • User Training
    • Test Bed Maintenance
    • Integration with Test Management Solution
    • Documentation and Reports

Key Highlights

  • Ready to implement solution for rapid deployment
  • Integrated solution developed based on real-life business operations
  • Industry-standard components to provide robust and scalable solution


  • Drastically reduce Manual intervention in testing, thereby resulting in reduction of errors and manual effort costs
  • Improved Quality Control through Automation, testing higher number of scenarios and possibilities with lesser efforts and shorter duration
  • High Speed-to-Market and reduced testing cycle time
  • Standardization and Process Compliance

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