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Sunday, 25 June 2017
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SAP Interactive Forms

    Are you facing issues with...
  • Maintaining Paper-based Forms?
  • Error-prone and easily outdated data?
  • Manual data re-entry?
  • Easily tracking Process data?
  • High costs of production, storage, etc.?
  • Lack of intuitive use of Enterprise Applications?
  • Unfamiliarity among Casual Users (including Executives) with Enterprise Software
  • Cumbersome processes for capture of relevant data?
  • External users such as suppliers being disconnected from the process?

Anantara's Approach

Anantara's SAP interactive forms deployment would involve one or more of the following services:


  • Assess the customer systems for readiness of implementing Interactive Adobe Forms
  • Business Process Consulting and definition of new form-processes
  • Proof Of Concept (POC)


  • Migrate SAP Smart Forms to Interactive Adobe Forms


  • Design and develop Interactive Adobe Forms from scratch
  • Implement online and offline forms
  • Build a combined Interactive Form to replace multiple, linked SAP transactions
  • Build pre-configured form templates


  • Configure and Customize existing interactive forms and deploy them

Key Highlights

The salient features of SAP Interactive Forms are:

  • Paperless mode of operation - forms can be transmitted via emails
  • Comprehensive form retrieval
  • Ability to access the forms offline and submit it to SAP as required - data gets automatically updated in the correct SAP application
  • Ability to combine multiple, linked SAP transactions (forms and sub-forms) in one Interactive Form and provide an elegant usability experience


  • Improved data quality and real time data is captured
  • Increased efficiency, fewer errors, and enhanced collaboration
  • Automate and streamline forms - based business processes
  • Reduce risk and TCO with simple implementation and timelines

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