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Sunday, 25 June 2017
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G. B. PrabhatG. B. Prabhat

G. B. Prabhat is the Founder of Anantara Solutions, and is the original proponent of Second Generation Outsourcing (SGO), a business paradigm that radically improves first generation outsourcing which is predicated primarily on cost arbitrage.

Before founding Anantara, he built one of India's largest consulting practices.

Prabhat is the pioneer and, in many ways, the father of the offshore-consulting revolution. Prabhat believed strongly that, much as IT services work was beginning to be offshored, all manner of consulting services could be delivered using the onsite-offshore model with India as the hub. He also believed that a new model of consulting was required for the global economy - of combining traditional consulting services in business strategy and business process with IT services to deliver Business Solutions. Such solutions helped customers compete by improving their overall business performance manifested as, for example, improvements in profits, increase in return-on-capital employed and increased market share.

Under his leadership, many ground-breaking consulting driven IT assignments using the onsite-offshore model were delivered to Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Prabhat is a prolific writer of business articles dealing with competitiveness, IT, business processes, organizational culture and leadership. His book on managing in the new world order, The 3D competitive space: Managing in the New Economy, was published by McGraw Hill, India, in 1997. Many ideas contained therein have been implemented by his team in corporations all over the world. His articles and reviews have appeared in a number of international and national journals including Harvard Business Review and publications of The American Association of Artificial Intelligence.

He has addressed more than 10,000 business managers worldwide on a variety of themes associated with competitiveness and technology.

He has been profiled by and is frequently quoted in the business press, both national and international.

Prabhat is also a writer of fiction. His first novel, Chains, was published in November 2000 to critical acclaim and his second novel, Eimona, was published in 2006 to complimentary reviews. His latest work is Intimate Moments and Other Stories, a collection of short stories orginally written in Tamil by his father, G.S.Balakrishnan.

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