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Sunday, 25 June 2017
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Surveillance and Content Delivery

    Are you facing issues with...
  • Safety and security of corporate assets?
  • Effective monitoring of corporate assets?
  • Reduction of undesirable use of corporate assets?
  • Maximum utilization of available resources?
  • Effective delivery of content to all target viewers?
  • Viewing analytics for content delivery display panels?

Anantara's Solution

Anantara's Surveillance and Content Delivery solution can help you with your surveillance and content delivery requirements using a combination of world class systems put together based on proven technologies. Some of the use cases of the solution are given below. However, being an open solution, this can be customized to any client's particular requirements.Fleet Management including:

  • GPS-based Vehicle Tracking
  • Fuel Management
  • Biometrics for drivers and other staff
  • In-vehicle content delivery and 360 degree audio / video communication


  • Ambulance Management
  • Biometrics for related staff and RFID for in-vehicle assets, medicines, etc.
  • One / Two way audio / video communication between paramedics in the ambulance and medical staff at hospital / remote location
  • In-vehicle control panel to record events for updates from the ambulance


  • School Bus and Driver Tracking and Management
  • Student In - Out times and confirmation notifications to Parents
  • In-vehicle custom content delivery on display panels for revision of day's classes, homework tips, or any other promotional content
  • Tracking of school assets such as library books, returnable materials etc.


  • ATM Cash delivery vehicles tracking and management
  • ATM Monitoring
  • Employee assets usage tracking with RFID / Biometrics

There are many more possible applications within these industries and others too. Please talk to us to understand how the solution can help your organization compete better.

Solution Components

  • Hardware:
    • GPS Devices
    • GPRS / 3G SIM and Communication Devices
    • RFID Tags and Readers
    • Biometric Readers
    • Control Panels
    • Cameras
    • Display Panels
    • Others based on requirement
    • IT Hardware
  • Software:
    • Control Center for Surveillance and Tracking
    • Control Center for Communication and Content Delivery
    • Content Management Application
    • Web Applicationfor Remote Management
    • Applications for Management using Mobile Devices
    • Open System to enable Custom Applications based on Requirements

Key Highlights

  • Ready to implement solution for rapid deployment
  • Ready availability of standardized templates that can be customized based on client specific requirements
  • Availability in SaaS or Licensed modes for different client requirements


  • Safety and security of corporate assets
  • Increased visibility into operations and clear records of asset usage
  • Increased support for streamlining operations and assets management
  • Effective Content Delivery and One / Two way Communication
  • Reports and Alerts for identified key events of regular usage and unauthorized usage of assets

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