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Sunday, 25 June 2017
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Business Transformation

Are you facing many of the below mentioned challenges which continue to pull your performance down quarter-on-quarter?

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If yes, you may have to transform your business in terms of practices, processes and human resources using proven methodologies to minimize or eliminate the challenges and achieve targeted performance goals.

Only structured business transformation programs have the ability to dramatically improve performance in a short period. Continuous Improvement techniques help sustain the gains of Business Transformation programs through a steady stream of smaller improvement interventions.

Anantara's Solution

Our approach for business transformation is by re-engineering the business processes, enabling it using carefully chosen information technology solutions, training and empowering people and creating an organizational structure that ensures alignment and superior performance. We leverage our proven 6 steps approach to re-engineer processes (illustrated below), key activities include:

  • Study in detail the Business Processes to deliver on the goals/objectives
  • Identify pain points, inefficiencies, bottlenecks related to business processes
  • Analyze impact of pain points, inefficiencies, bottlenecks
  • Suggest improvements and finalize implementation roadmap
  • Implement Improvement and monitor performance of the processes
  • Audit newly implemented processes and carry-out necessary interventions
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Solution Highlights

  • Domain expertise to drive business value initiatives of clients, leveraging a pragmatic, result-oriented approach based on experiential insights
  • Strong understanding of business process mapping and design techniques
  • Tools and techniques for identifying and analyzing process performance issues
  • Ability to coalesce and harmonize multiple process flows across geographies
  • Expertise in building IT into process design and capitalizing on technology to dramatically improve process performance
  • Interactive and Workshop-driven, Involving key stakeholders
  • Understand business requirements
    • "Brown Paper" techniques to arrive at solutions
    • Proven and Effective Tools and Techniques
    • Draws from different disciplines - BPR, Six Sigma, Lean, etc.
  • Rigor of analysis and the power of creative thinking
  • Integrating business process and Technology
  • Experience and expertise in evaluating technologies and products
  • Business Solutions: Anantara solves business challenges, helps clients strengthen existing competitive advantages and create new ones through integrated business consulting and technology delivery capabilities
  • Future-proofing: Anantara designs and tests candidate future scenarios for both business and technology performance before investment decisions are taken
  • Consultant + Practitioner Approach: Anantara solves its customer's business problems by bringing in the expertise, tools and techniques of a world-class consulting organization along with the on-ground experience of seasoned industry practitioners. Our consultants are drawn from the real world; most of them have 10+ years of industry experience


Typical transformation programs will reflect on the P&L and balance sheet at the enterprise level and improved responsiveness, improved customer satisfaction and better operating efficiency on the balanced scorecard.

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