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Sunday, 25 June 2017
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Supplier Collaboration Portal

    Do you want to...
  • Effectively manage your suppliers?
  • Accurately forecast demand for your products?
  • Have better Production planning in place with visibility into supplier managed inventory?
  • Have greater visibility into your supply chain and your supplier's supply chain?
  • Have lesser lead time, higher flexibility and lower stock levels for your inventory?

Anantara's Solution

Supplier Collaboration Portal is a proven tool for online and real-time collaboration between OEMs and their Suppliers on Planning and Purchasing processes. It provides a platform for performing all the collaborative actions like Order Acknowledgement, Order changes, Advance Shipment Notification, Invoicing and is integrated seamlessly with the backend ERP and SCM systems.

The principle of Supplier Collaboration Portal revolves around 3 words: Control, Flexibility and Visibility. The OEM organization can have full control over its planning and purchasing process, but at the same time can welcome the full participation of its suppliers in these processes. This enables a full visibility at each stage and transaction of the supply chain, and provides flexibility in the interactions between the collaborating partners.

Key Highlights of Collaboration Portal:

  • Planning
    • Publish the Demand Forecast plan for (Finished Goods) FG and (Semi-Finished Goods) SFG
    • Receive the updates for FG and SFG on-hand stocks from Supplier
    • Mass upload of stock using an Excel file
  • Order Acknowledgments
    • Order Confirmations
    • Quantity changes
    • Ship date changes
    • Mass changes using an Excel file upload
  • Order Amendments
    • Order Confirmations
    • Quantity changes
    • Ship date changes
    • Mass changes using an Excel file upload
  • Order Amendments
    • Quantity changes
    • Ship date changes (delays)
  • Shipments
    • Advanced Shipment Notifications (ASN)
    • Mass upload for ASNs using an Excel file
    • Requests for short closing of POs
  • PO reports
    • Shipment visibility
    • Past-due Pos
    • History of ship date changes
    • Shipment performance

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  • Business benefits
    • Improved Forecast accuracy
    • Reduced lead time from supplier
    • Lower TCO
    • Increases the collaboration with suppliers
    • Supplier side no software installation is needed
    • Increased flexibility and ability to react to the short term changes in demand

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