Analytics and AI

Businesses worldwide are now facing the law of diminishing returns in data management. Some years ago, the mere possession of an ERP package, which streamlined data and transactions provided for competitive advantage. As corporation after corporation bought the same technologies and mastered data management, real competitive advantage shifted to managing knowledge. In all areas of business endeavor, managing knowledge and IP would provide the only source of enduring competitive advantage.

A very prominent marker of NextGen SourcingTM is the migration to Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Backed by Anantara’s management team’s experience of growing Asia’s largest Knowledge Management practice, the company’s trademarked Enterprise Management Systems (EMS) methodology successfully marries Analytics and AI with the rigour of Business Process Management (BPM) enabled by the exciting new possibilities of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The EMS methodology also helps evolve distinct Business Value (BV) and Return-on-Investment (RoI) cases for sophisticated Analytics exercises.

The EMS methodology also provides the tools and techniques for building production quality AI-based enterprise applications.

Anantara works both with core technologies such as Hadoop, R and Python as well as technologies provided by leading vendors such as Qlik, Tableau, Microsoft, Predix (from GE), SAP and Oracle.


Customer value

  • Superior performance of business processes empowered by expert quality decision-making knowledge
  • Measurable Returns on Investment (RoI) in Analytics and AI efforts
  • Vast improvements in the consistency and comprehensiveness of decision-making
  • Capitalization of “soft” knowledge assets in the form of tangible active knowledge bases
  • Extension of knowledge assets into new businesses

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TMNextGen Sourcing is a trademark of Anantara Solutions Private Limited.

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