With IT becoming the largest item of capital expenditure worldwide, IT investments will become indistinguishable from general business investments and will therefore be subjected to more stringent scrutiny on Return-on-Investments (R-o-I). Most IT investments lack a rigorous business case. In the few instances there are, the business cases are used to justify investments till the point of procurement, not for tracking retrospectively how they performed.

To ensure the planned returns on IT investments and indeed on business investments in general, Anantara offers Future-proofing services. Future-proofing consists of Designing and Testing possible future scenarios for both business and technology performance before investment decisions are taken. The outcome of Future-proofing is a set of Business Solutions interventions for implementation and the returns associated with them.


Customer value

  • Establishing synchrony between business and IT
  • A validated Return-on-Investment (R-o-I) thesis
  • Devising a clear basis for tracking the Business Value of IT
  • A rational basis for partnering with service and technology providers, including in risk reward partnerships

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