Business Solutions

Business Solutions integrate consulting capabilities with technology delivery capabilities to evolve solutions that are focused on solving key business problems thus strengthening existing competitive advantages or creating new ones.

Anantara’s Business Solutions combine consulting capabilities in areas such as:

  • Business Strategy: Business Strategy is about the “what” and “why” of business. Business Strategy is all about the choices a firm makes in what it does and why it exists. Arriving at the right answer to these questions will help ensure success. Anantara has well defined and proven methodologies for Strategic Excellence
  • Business Process Design (BPR, Six Sigma, etc.): Business Processes are about the “how” of business. Delivery of a firm’s products and services to its customers largely depends upon the smooth integration and efficient functioning of its business processes. Anantara’s business process improvement methodologies include BPR, Six Sigma, Lean and other techniques for both dramatic change and continuous improvement. Combined with its Value-based pricing approach, NextGen SourcingTM delivers measurable business value
  • Performance Management: Performance Management deals with the people dimension at the client firm. For a Business Solution to succeed, people need to be appropriately trained, their performance measured, and incentivised. Anantara’s Performance Management methodology deals with overcoming resistance to change as well as addressing issues relating to organizational structure, performance measurement and reward structures

Anantara works with core technologies such as R, Python, Spark, Hadoop, Mahout and enterprise technologies / applications from leading vendors such as Microsoft, Qlik, Tableau, GE (Predix), Oracle and SAP.

Anantara draws support from its partners in the Anantara Ecosystem to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

A Business Solution requires the careful integration of consulting and technology services in one package to create measurable business value while working in close partnership with clients. Anantara’s unique methodologies for training and solution delivery as also the prior experience of its founders enable the company to be significantly differentiated from peer companies.


Customer value

  • Dramatic reduction in cost of managing IT assets
  • More importantly, measurable and major improvements in business performance such as cycle time reduction, inventory-turn improvement, productivity jumps, increase in profits, enhanced market share and leaps in return on capital employed
  • Business Solutions will form the foundation of the competitive infrastructure of clients

TMNextGen Sourcing is a trademark of Anantara Solutions Private Limited.

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