Logistics & Supply Chain Management

logistics and supply chain management strategies

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Are you looking for

  • Substantially reduced freight cost?
  • Consolidation of transporters based on size of the operations?
  • Consolidated data availability?
  • Analysis of baseline data?
  • Standardization of agreements, such as non-disclosure agreements (NDA), statements of work (SoW), or master service agreements (MSA)?
  • Streamlining of inbound processes?
  • Standardization across inbound, outbound, inter-unit transfer, full truck load (FTL), part-truck load (PTL) processes?
  • Predictive analytics to project performance and manage proactively rather than retrospectively?

Anantara’s Solutions

Anantara’s Logistics and Supply Chain Management solutions are a combination of Consulting and IT interventions to effectively deliver the desired results, i.e., guaranteed savings in freight costs and measurable improvements in Supply Chain performance. The figure below illustrates the approach employed. To achieve the best results, we customize this approach based on the specific organizational requirements of our clients.

logistics and supply chain management implementation architecture

Using our extensive experience in providing Logistics Solutions, we have put together a unique framework that addresses our clients’ need to optimize freight operations. The Logistics Solutions are integrated solutions that have the following key components:

  • Consulting and analysis
  • Process study
  • To-Be Processes
  • Gap analysis
  • Conceptualization of the solution:
    • Base-lining data and analysis
    • Consolidation
    • Best Practices
    • End-to-end administration of the Request For Proposal (RFP) process
    • Analysis of the RFP
    • Rationalization of transporters
    • Dedicated vehicle deployment
    • Predictive Analytics with or without IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Leveraging a custom-built software program for RFP analysis automation.

Key Highlights and Results

  • Clear visibility into freight operations
  • Effective forecasting of freight costs
  • Substantial savings in freight costs
  • Rationalized portfolio of transporters for better management

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