About Us

About us

Welcome to a revolution in Consulting and Outsourcing!

With customers in 16 countries, Anantara Solutions is a new generation outsourcing firm that combines business consulting services and IT services to deliver unprecedented, measurable business value.

Anantara is a pioneer of Second Generation Outsourcing (SGO) and is founded by an eminent management team which, by 2007, built a nearly US$ 200 million consulting and outsourcing business from scratch in just a few years.

The prime tenet of Anantara’s philosophy is to partner with its clients using innovative models of engagement. The accent is not just on IT benefits but on a whole host of business benefits. Realizing strategic imperatives in the form of measurable business value, through Business Solutions, is a cornerstone of Anantara’s engagement philosophy.

Anantara would deliver such solutions to its customers by enabling a collaborative work environment in which it works closely with customers and business partners in a continuum focusing relentlessly on creating tangible value. “Anantara” in Sanskrit means “the continuum.”

Anantara represents the most progressive thinking on:

  • Partnering with clients
  • High value consulting-driven Business Solutions
  • Exploiting emerging and established Information Technologies to create business value

Did you know this about Anantara?

  • A Business and Technology consulting firm, with a relentless focus on business results
  • Pioneer of Second Generation Outsourcing (SGO)
  • Partners with clients using innovative models of engagement
  • Led by an eminent management team well-versed in consulting and technology services that built a leading business in Consulting and Enterprise Solutions – nearly US$ 200 million in approximately a decade
  • 100+ customers in 19 countries, including Fortune 100
  • 50+ Business Partners in 10 countries; a base of nearly 5000 professionals with high quality specialist competencies
  • Corporate office in Chennai, India, with an international presence

Think of us as a next generation outsourcing company. Or as a next generation consulting company.

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