Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

AnantaraSolutions Private Limited (“Anantara” or “the Company”)recognizes and understands that privacy is an important concern of visitors to our website located at (“our website”). This page contains our policies and practices (“Privacy Policy”) that pertain to the collection, use and disclosure of any information you submit to us through our website or we may collect as a result of your visit to our website.

By visiting our website or accessing it, you agree to the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy. You also agree that, consequent to your accessing our website, Anantaramay contact you unless you instruct Anantara to the contrary by way of email to the Company.

Anantara collects Personal Details (such as but not limited to your name, email id and details of your employer that you submit voluntarily when you interact with our website or information that is available to us as a result of your visiting our website such as but not limited to your IP address) from you.

The Personal Details are used by Anantara to service requests that you make of the Company. In general, the Company does not sell or rent Personal Details. Further Anantara does not share Personal Details with third parties except for the purposes of servicing the requests you may make of the Company through our website. You agree to the sharing of Personal Details with such third parties for the purpose of servicing your requests. You agree that Anantara may disclose Personal Details for the purposes of remaining compliant with all applicable laws, or as demanded by any party with statutory authority or to defend the Company’s or its affiliates’ interests legally.

Our website may contain links to websites not owned or managed by the Company. Anantara is not responsible for ensuring the privacy of Personal Details or any other information you may disclose to such websites.

While Anantara will take the usual industry-standard measures, both technical and non-technical, to protect Personal Details and provide it security, you agree that no security is absolute and the Company may be vulnerable to breaches of security by assailants with mala fide intentions. You agree that, in the event of such attacks, you will absolve the Company of any responsibility for revelation of Personal Details.

The Privacy Policy may be revised by Anantara at any time at its sole discretion.

Your use of our website is your express consent that you agree with the Privacy Policy.

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