Power BI Implementation

Power BI Integration: 3-Day Proof of Concept

A proof of concept (POC) to showcase deep insights of your sales data to make better business decisions. Our experts will develop the required dashboards and demonstrate the utilization of Power BI and also demonstrate how this POC shall give confidence on your Analytics journey.

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SAP BW & PowerBI Integration: 5-Day Implementation

Our experts will setup the connection between your SAP BW data and bring it into Microsoft Power BI. They will also demonstrate the different ways of connecting SAP BW data to Power BI.

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Power BI Recruitment Analysis: 5-Wk Implementation

An interactive way of representing your HR Key metrics which are a fundamental part of HR analytics and offer valuable input for strategic decision-making.

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PowerBI Reports for Navision: 10-Wk Implementation

An initiative that will change the way you view your Dynamics Navision financial data by implementing them on Microsoft Power BI with interactive visualizations and reporting.

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Power BI on Dynamics AX: 2-Wk Implementation

Finance inside Dynamics AX using Microsoft Power BI. Anantara experts will develop the dashboards which track metrics such as Working Capital, Collections, and Cash Flow.

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