Second Generation Outsourcing and Anantara’s Solutions

To be sure, Second Generation Outsourcing (SGO) is an inclusive model that ensures all the benefits of first generation outsourcing.

First generation outsourcing is predicated primarily on cost arbitrage, which is now almost eliminated. SGO shifts focus from cost arbitrage to creating business value.

SGO is a multi-pronged value proposition, encompassing several prongs not dealt with at all in first generation outsourcing. While it represents continuity with the strengths of first generation outsourcing, it also represents a radical leap from the current era in many other senses.

NextGen Sourcing is Anantara’s proprietary methodology for helping clients migrate to SGO. NextGen Sourcing also focuses on continuous improvement of the SGO model to help it evolve into a more sophisticated model for the delivery of outsourced consulting and technology services.

The markers of SGO are:

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